Saturday, March 24, 2007

To TLU & Back...

Friday, I drove my oldest daughter, who is beginning the fun and somewhat arduous process of choosing a college, all the way down to Seguin, Texas. We did not make it all the way home. I caved in and we stopped at a hotel partway and finished the 6 hour trek on Saturday. She did help with some of the driving; although she is not fond of high traffic situations, her highway driving skills are improving as she gains more experience. Anyhow, we did survive the drive, despite a couple of creative stop-and-go situations on the way home -- where once you finally merge all the way over in stop-and-go traffic and get to your exit only to discover that a fire truck and police car have it blocked and now you get to drive across three lanes the other direction to a totally new route! Or playing stop and go for 30 minutes to move only 2 miles, merge over to the right to try to exit to find out that you are forced to merge all the way back to the left, finally get there, get up to the front, and watch 2 police cars drive off and all the lanes open up! Isn't big city driving an adventure?? sigh...

Well, back to our story... In Seguin, we visited Texas Lutheran University (TLU) and Jess just loved it. We took a tour of the campus given by a senior business major, and met with an admissions counselor. We also were able to visit with a friend of ours who is currently a freshman student there. So she was able to learn alot about what going to school there was like. It is a private school so we will have to see about paying for the tuition. I am not sure how much scholarship money she can garner. But like I told her, if you don't try you will never know or get there. She really was excited about possibly going there. She still wants to visit some other schools though, but she certainly has been bitten by the college bug! She just has to remember that there are 3 more semesters of high school first!

Before we left for TLU, I was able to finish the 3rd Cowboy Quilt top! And get it dropped off at Mary's Quilt Shop for quilting. Here's a photo of the top, held up by my hubby. Hope ya like it. The quilting in this one will have saguaro cacti in it -- it has them in the "map" print -- and stars and longhorns.

Yee haw!

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