Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet the Newest!

Here is a pic or two of our newest family members, Ricky & Lucy. I had several ideas for names for the "twins" but I was vetoed on all accounts--merino & cashmere, methyl & ethyl, and knit & purl. So Ricky & Lucy, it is. After all, if I want help cleaning the litter box, I have to keep the troops somewhat happy.

They have been alternating between being cuddly and cute and driving us batty. Sounds just like kids to me!! We send two off to college and now take in two lil' kitties. ha ha ha. And boy do they love yarn! And they are no snobs either. Love every color and fiber content. Well, it is more fun if it's moving though! Lucy has even been on Ravelry already!

I started a shawl this past week and left a long tail at the provisional cast on as directed. The kitties got ahold of it and my 7-inch tail is now only about 3 inches long! I guess I will have to add an extra piece of yarn in to do the grafting at the end--only about 4 stitches or so. Here is a progress pic. It is very colorful. I'd love to have it done for Easter, but I'm not sure I can do it. Funny thing is the rows keep getting longer!! LOL I have less than a week so we'll see if I can do it. I have ordered some longer needles as these are getting too short. They are only 24 inches. I have 40 inch ones coming in a day or two.

Happy Stitches!