Friday, September 21, 2007

Yes, I am around, folks....

Life has been a little hectic lately. I guess a lot hectic. (Is that correct English?) So I have not taken any time to post any photos or anything! We have a new gal living with us, we said good bye to a dear friend who has moved many states away, and the semester is going full steam ahead! Whew!

Well, first off, meet Peng! She is from Changsha, China in the Hunan province and will be living with us for the next year. She is delightful, sweet and very studious. She is going to high school with our girls and working very hard. Her English is pretty good. So I think in a couple of months she will be feeling more comfortable than she is now. She is doing a great job trying all of the new food and she is eager to try all of the American experiences like the movies and football games! I think she is looking forward to homecoming next weekend too. Here is a photo of Peng taken her first day in Texas at the airport with our daughter Jessica. Peng says that "everything in America is big!" Her high school in China has 10,000 students! Denison High School must seem quite small to her!

Then just last Sunday we said goodbye to our dear friend Pam. She is moving to New Jersey to be near her father as his health is not great. She is in the last year of her bachelor's degree in music education and Southeastern is going to let her do her student teaching and finish it up there in NJ. She lost nearly everything in the floods this past summer here in Texas. I sewed her a quilt after the floods hit. And all that was left was the binding. So I finished it up and gave it to her before she left town. Here is a pic of it--"Musical Memories." I hope that we keep in touch, she has been such a great friend over the many years we have lived here. I think we have known her nearly the entire 17 years we have been here.

Another month means Happy Block time! September happy blocks were blue and yellow. Here are mine. Now I just need to get one of each shipped to the winners!!

Well, take care. Hope all are doing well.

Keep smiling,