Friday, March 02, 2007

More Hardware!

I think if a magnet came over this house all the loose metal in it would come flying out the windows!! And I ain't talkin' paper clips.

Last weekend was totally Jessica's weekend!
First she went to a UIL academic meet and came home that afternoon lugging 3 trophies! She received a 1st place in Feature Writing, 2nd place in Editorial Writing and a 3rd place in News Writing. We were so excited for her! I took a photo of her with all of her hardware. She couldn't hold them all nicely so she had to sit down!

She has been working on the school newspaper this year and would like to be editor next year. Although she's been told that she's "too nice." According to her sister, "they must not know her well enough!" Maybe Michelle should write a letter of recommendation for her!

Then on Sunday afternoon Jessica was inducted into the National Honor Society. We were very happy that she made it in her Junior year too. She was very excited walking across the stage, and we took many photos of her with her friends. This one is of her on the stage afterwards when she didn't know I was taking photos! (ha ha ha--evil laugh) She is so photogenic, but she doesn't like having her picture taken so you usually have to sneak one.

Hope everyone has a great weekend the first weekend of March. It is coming in like a lion here! We are getting cold weather again. No tornados like Alabama though. Keeping those folks in my prayers.

Michelle has managed to join the track team. (In her spare time...???) The coach called her the other night and asked her if she was interested. And the coach is Michelle's former coach from 5-6th grade who she just adored. So she is very excited to have her as a coach again. Coach Cruce is also going to work around Michelle's other sports aka swimming schedules and band schedules. Michelle also really enjoys running and the triple jump so maybe a change of pace will do her some good and give her a little break from swimming too. Sometimes you worry about her getting burnout.

Stay warm this weekend,

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