Sunday, February 25, 2007

Texas State Scoop

No, it's not a new flavor of ice cream here in the Lone Star State! I am just finally getting a-round-to-it, posting an update on the HS state swim meet, that is. It has been so hectic around here trying to catch up at work and I happened to get sick AGAIN! This time I went to the doctor. She gave me a shot and some antibiotics. She said that my resistance was probably down from having the flu a couple of weeks ago and that is why I got sick again. Anyhow it has all helped. Sooo the moral of the story is: go to the doctor.

Now, back to our story...
Prelims were on Friday. Michelle was one of only two freshman swimming the 50 free and four swimming the 100 breaststroke. She was very nervous. She swam a 26.38 in her 50 free which was slower than her seed time so she was not very happy with herself. We could not go down on deck to see her, but I talked to her on her cell phone and she was a little down in the dumps. We all tried to cheer her up before her 100 breaststroke. She swam that event later and was also a little slow: 1:11.90. These swims put her in 15th and 11th places, respectively, going into Saturday's finals.

Michelle on the block; she's in Yellow Jacket black & gold!

Michelle did not want to wake up. She was a bit grumpy. So we took her out to Cracker Barrel and made her eat a good breakfast. Then we worked on cheering her up. It must have all helped some, cuz she did swim better on Saturday. She swam 26.30 in her 50 free--a little better than Friday, not her seed time, but still an improvement. Unfortunately, she dropped a spot to 16th. In the 100 breaststroke, she started out a little slow. Her first 50 was slower than her prelim time! And she was in 5th place in her heat. We were all just screaming! Then she started to pick it up and pass people. She just didn't have enough time to pass the leader and ended up 2nd in the heat which put her in 10th overall. Her time -- 1:10.97 -- was about a second better than Friday and her second best ever!

Swimming the breaststroke at the 4A high school state meet.

I do think she had a difficult time getting excited about swimming. She said,"mom, everything was 'about getting to state' now that I'm here, I'm just here." I think she was lonely being the only swimmer from her school -- making history only goes so far!-- and it was a bit anticlimatic. But, like we told her, you just do the best you can and go with it. She is only a freshman and can take this experience and use it next year. Apparently she has big plans for next year! Who knows what'll happen then! It was nice to see the swim team get some news coverage in the papers and even on the local television. We're hoping more kids go next year, and more kids start swimming! Michelle is already working hard for next year! She's getting ready for the long course season in USA Swimming this summer. That's what it takes hard work and dedication. I think that's why she's as good as she is from all those many hours in the water. Maybe she's part fish too??

Happy Swimming,

PS I keep trying to add photos, but blogger is not cooperating!

Well, that was a learning experience! I finally was able to get the photos in! It took for-ev-er! Then I just wanted to center the captions under the photos. I had to learn HTML code and get it inserted properly. eeek.

Friday, February 16, 2007

WOO HOO Goin' to State!

Yup! We're goin' to state! Michelle sure did it! We thought she had a shot in the 100 breaststroke, but she floored us all when she made it in the 50 freestyle too! Not bad for a freshman! And she is the first swimmer ever from her high school! So she has been in the papers and on the local TV station. They came out to the pool to tape her swimming and interview her the other day around 4 pm. But then it turns out that the disk in the camera had a scratch on it. They were able to save all the footage of her swimming but they lost all of the interview. So the reporter came to the house and redid the interview. She finished about 6 pm. The first time the spot aired was around 6:20 pm!

We're here in Austin and she's got her "tattoo" to get into the pool area. That's how they do the admission for swimmers now! It won't wash off--only comes off with alcohol. I'm nervous. Let's just hope she isn't!

Numerologists would have a heyday with her schedule! She is in events 7 & 21! Lucky numbers! And in her first event she is in heat 1 lane 1 and in her second event she is in heat 2 lane 2. And you'll never guess what room we're in at the hotel--221, of course!

Thanks to everyone for all of their good wishes. We have passed them all on. And will give her many hugs from all of you! Check the UIL website later today to see how she does!

Keep Cheering,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eeek! I won!

I won the Happy Blocks this month. There were 4 winners this month; they split the blocks up by 4 as there were so many participants. I am not sure how many I will be receiving, but I should have them by the end of the month. I need to get mine sent in. I'll post a photo of the blocks and then I'll make a quilt with all of them! What fun! It will be very exciting to see what everyone comes up with! The theme for Feb was "Anything Goes" so I figure I'll get quite a scrappy quilt out of this swap!

We're going to be out selling girl scout cookies as they came in at the end of the week. Here I am getting over the flu and now I get to sit outside in the cold! It started to warm up and then promptly cooled back down for cookie selling! Fri evening we sold around 45 boxes outside Belk and 6 of those were for our Troops overseas! Today we'll be at WalMart and Gander Mountain. Hope it's a warmer day.

Have a Happy Sunny Day,

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cowboy Quilt #2

Here tis a pic of the quilt top of the 2nd "cowboy quilt". I actually have had it finished for a week or so, but have been so busy with swim meets etc. that I hadn't had a chance to get a photo up! This is based on a a pattern called "All About Me." It's 45" x 56".

The first cowboy top has been quilted. After I get the binding on, I'll put another photo up. I have to come up with a third one. I am thinking about something with stars--lone star and all. Any brilliant ideas? I have some cute fabric I want to use and I think it would be great background and I have some nice matching colors for the star points. So I am looking at star blocks. I need to get these quilts finished!

My youngest daughter went to the doctor this morning and found out that she has the flu. This undoubtedly means that I do too. Of course, it is too late to start the tamiflu medication. At least we are not doing too bad. But this is a particularly bad time for her to get it as she is swimming in the state meet in a week! She wants to go to practice tonight, but her dad & I think staying home is the best thing for now.

I stayed home from work yesterday as I had virtually no voice, and I worked on some simple blocks that I needed to get done for a swap I'm in on Block Central. It's a "Happy Block Swap." The blocks are very simple and quick to make. I needed to make three more and ended up making about 5 more. So my "new plan" is to make a couple extras each month and save them up. Then at the end of the year, I can make a scrappy quilt with all of the happy blocks from all of the different themes of the months. January's theme was valentines. February's theme is anything goes. March's theme is ocean. The rest haven't been chosen yet. Then they draw for 2-3 people to split up the blocks between depending on how many enter.

Here's some photos of some of my Happy Blocks.

Happy Day & Stay Away from the Flu Bug,

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Going to State!

I've been pretty busy lately attending the end-of-season high school swim meets. Both of my daughters swam in the district meet. There Jess, the oldest, swam best times in her 100 free and 200 free and her 200 medley relay made it to regionals! Michelle the youngest, also swam her best times of the season in the 50 free and 100 breast and made it to regionals in both of those events plus her two relays, the 200 free and 400 free. She won silver in the 50 free and gold in the 100 breast while the relays each won bronze medals. Overall, the girls team took THIRD PLACE!!

At regionals unfortunately Jessica's relay didn't make it to finals (top 8 go to finals), but she seemed to take it in stride. She was just glad to be there. If you go to regionals you get "a letter."

Michelle made finals in all of her events. She finished 3rd in the 50 free and the 100 breast swimming personal best times in each! Then the 200 free relay finished in 4th and the 400 free relay was 5th. Then we had to go home and wait to find out if she made it to state. The way it works in Texas there are 8 regions and the winner in each event in each region are automatic qualifiers for the state meet. Then the next 8 fastest times from the 2nd, 3rd & 4th place finishes get to go on the "Call-Up" list. That way there are only 16 competitors per event. Finally after midnight, they posted the list on the web and Michelle had made it in both of her individual events. She is the first person from our high school to ever go to the state swim meet! And she's only a freshman!

Here she is diving in for her 50 freestyle.

On another note, her and I both have head colds--not good. And I stayed home from work today as I had no voice this morning! I have been constantly coughing. Aaargh! This is so frustrating. I dislike being sick. I do not have time for it! I am waiting for hubby to get it and hoping that Jess doesn't!

Well, hope you are well!