Thursday, October 16, 2008

Socks #2 — All Through!

Whoo Hooo! I finished my second pair of socks today! And none too soon either as everyone is wanting a pair! Well, everyone meaning in my family... They are the only ones brave enough to wear something I made! ha ha. I suppose they figure it's safe; they can always hide it in a shoe if they need to!! ;o/ Here are two pics.

I think they look a little washed out. They are pastel, but the camera flash is making them even lighter then they should be.

I have the utter joy of being on fall break today and tomorrow so I am off work two extra days!! That's how I had time to finish my toes. And I went to the doctor for a little check up. They did a bone scan to check on my bone density. I have been taking boniva or fossamax and tons of calcium, 1200 mg a day for years. Well, I confess that I did not pass my test with flying colors! Yikes. I am supposed to make sure that I do "weight-bearing" exercise now a minimum of 3 times per week. This is truly supposed to help. Sigh... I will get out my daughters' swim weights and start with those. I can always use some more upper body strength anyhow!

Tomorow I am going to do more fun things and try to get some stash pictures posted on Ravelry. I also have a wip I wanted to put on there too.

Have a great fall!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Special Delivery!

I received the "Butterfly Blooms" quilt back from the quilter on Thursday! My DH went and picked it up for me—thank goodness! Then I worked Thursday and Friday evening at sewing on the binding and hand stitching it to the back. I had considered doing the entire thing with a sewing machine, but I just like the hand stitched look so much better. The one thing I didn't like though was sewing black with black thread! Yuck. It is so hard to see. (Or is that age creeping up on me? Naw....) 

However, I worked and pricked my lil' fingers to the bone and managed to get it finished!! :o) We even were able to get packed too! And bright and early Saturday morning we were off to Nacogdoches. The quilt looks great on her bed! And they have their beds raised off the floor about 4 feet so they can put things under them. She has her refrigerator and dresser under hers. So when you come into the room her bed just brightens it up. Here's the photos!

For those of you who were asking: the fabrics are all those Andover dimples fabrics! Every one of them--even the backing. They blend so nicely. I just love 'em! There are sooooo many colors!! And the pattern is from Cozy Quilt Shop. It's one of their Strip Club Patterns.

I think I would like to make her a throw pillow or two to match with the flower block on it to dress up her bed. Purple is THE color at SFA so I'll be sure and use a lot of purple in it!

Here is Jess on her bed in her dorm! She at least makes her bed! Well, it was made when we came!! So all we had to do was throw the quilt on top! Parents weekend was lots of fun. We were able to spend time with her and meet some of her friends. Oh and mom even helped with some chemistry homework! How about that!! Meanwhile dad did some computer updates on her laptop. So we kept him busy too.

Now I have to finish binding another quilt I received back from the quilter about a month ago for the other daughter! She is feeling a touch left out... I think she misses her sister.

Here are some Happy Blocks that I made up for some block swaps.
These are for Sept. The theme was 30 prints. The outside border had to be the 30s fabric! And the inside square had to be solid. BTW-I could not find pink, yellow or purple to match. I was solid challenged. And I just didn't want to do them all "cream"--ya know?

Then I co-hosted the October Happy Block Swap with Linda. Our theme was "Fun Food!" The center square had to be a fabric with a food that is fun to eat like a snack food, dessert, junk food, etc. You get the idea. The border fabrics could be anything that worked with it. BTW-I chose the theme... So I hope you enjoy it...

I have mexican food, BBQ, margaritas, and ice cream cones. Pretty fun, huh? I hope the gals who won, Barb & Gerda, enjoy their quilts!! I just might make one for myself!! LOL No calories!!

Happy Quilting,