Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Friday!

Yippee! It's Friday! I survived yet another morning of 3 whole hours of talking nearly nonstop to a multitude of students--some of whom actually interacted! Unfortunately for the general chem bunch, I had to give the gen ed assessment pre-test. I hate that. I feel like they may not feel like they know anything. I just kept stressing that when they retake it later at the end of the semester then they will truly feel like they learned something this semester! Also, a poor grade on the pretest does not impact their grade. Plus I will give them extra credit points from the post test-- they will like that! Students always like extra credit!

Anyhow, I signed up for the Strip Club!! Oh my! That sounds terrible! It is a FABRIC strip club! It is meeting at The Quilt Asylum on Jan 28 and you get a packet of FABRIC strips that are precut for you. So you are ready to sew!! Sounds FUN to me! AND very clean! What better place than the Quilt Asylum to have a Strip Club--too funny. I can't wait to go and get my strips--all batiks--my fav-or-ite fabrics!

I am working on running down the battery on this laptop so it can be calibrated. You just gotta do it! It was updated and now ya gotta calibrate it which means using it until it is totally used up! Sounds weird doesn't it. I'm just glad computers work! Yea for Apple! I've been using Macintoshes since the original 128k all-in-one macintosh and have NEVER regretted it! Best computers out there.

Well, I better do SOME grading of the quizzes today!


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