Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies!

The Girl Scout Cookies for our troop have been ordered! F I N A L L Y! It took long enough. Not too impressed with that online system. I think it still needs a little work. I had to enter everything twice--it didn't save the info the first time! Shannon said that it just didn't like me. Thank goodness I only had 4 girls' orders to enter plus the booth sales. Shannon had 2 girls to enter. We were both on the phone at the same time trying to get this done last night! Too funny. Anyhow, I ordered 756 boxes aka 63 case of cookies!! Anybody want some cookies??? Hope I can find a place to put them when they get here!

Took the girls to swimming early this morning--7 am on a Saturday! They did not want to go! Michelle had gone to the movies last night and promised that she would get up to go this morning anyways, and Jessica stayed up and watched a movie. They were both v e r y g r u m p y ! AARGH! I don't like that. They want to go and work on things, but then if I get them up, I'm the bad guy. I suppose some day they'll understand.

Dr. Shannon told Michelle she could try to swim today. She is recovering from a small shoulder injury. I hope it goes okay. I am a little nervous about it. I will feel better when I pick them up and she tells me it did not hurt at all! She is supposed to take it easy and Coach Greg is going to watch her stroke closely. I hope and pray this is not the sign of things to come. I'm certain she will do lots of kicking today!¡!

Tomorow is the big flute recital. Michelle is playing a lovely flute piece entitled "Hungarian Serenade" and our good friend Pam is her accompanist. Michelle is also accompanying another flutist, Maria who is younger than her. Shannon is playing also. So it should be lots of fun to hear everyone play. It is in a large chapel at AC. Let you know how it goes.


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