Thursday, August 07, 2008


Here are some pics and info about my cat Marmalade. You can see by looking at him how he got his name!
Here he is helping me organize patches for an "I spy" quilt.

He has some interesting napping positions!

"Now I'm comfortable!"

"Well, maybe this is better?"

"Hey, man, turn off the lights! Can't you see I'm sleeping here?"

He also sits outside the shower and waits for you to finish. Then goes in it, yes the shower, afterwards and licks the warm water up off the floor of the stall! He just loves water--well, to a point I'm sure. He hasn't taken a dip in our pool yet! But he plays in the water dish that he and the dog share. It is a little play pool for him! He'll play in the toilet too if you give him a chance. Yuck!

On that lovely note, I am going to change the topic. Thank goodness! And show you another project I did this summer, that I neglected to post when I made it! It's a table runner out of Kaffe Fassett fabrics that I did for a friend's daughter who got married this summer. In fact, the daughter is a friend of ours too. And so is the groom and his family! They all go to our church. They are a great young couple. We all just love 'em. They will be living in New Mexico!

Rose & Derek's Tablerunner

Buenos Nochos,



Just love the pics of the cat and I thought mine was the only one who shared a water bowl with the dog. Very nice blog too.
Darlene (Hounddog) from BC

Betweens said...

cats sure have the life don't they? any quilt and it is theirs, any chair it is theirs, oh lets just say its their house and you are just the one that pays the bills.LOL love Marmalade!! and your wonderful quilt that is going to the quilters..