Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Yarn of an Adventure

Jessica and I went on an adventure the other day. Dad & Michelle are out of town, out of state even, as he drove her to swim camp. So Jess & I went looking for some yarn, Mission Falls Cotton to be precise. I called down to our regular shop in Plano, The Woolie Ewe, and they didn't have it. So I started phoning around. I found a shop a few miles further south of The Woolie Ewe and I called them and they didn't carry it either, but they suggested a shop in Fort Worth yarns unique. Well, I searched "yarns unique" in Ft Worth in the White Pages and didn't find it. Hmmm. Then I tried "yarn shops" in the yellow pages in Fort Worth and there it was "Yarns Ewenique." The computer is such a slave to correct spelling!

So Jess & I drove down to Yarns Ewenique (I love that name) all the way in Fort Worth on the day that she didn't have her evening swim practice. My new nav system surely helped! I do not know my way around Ft Worth at all. The traffic was terrible! The shop closed at 5 and we were panicking that we weren't going to make it! It took us over 2 hours to get there. We managed to arrive 45 minutes before they closed. Whew!

Yarns Ewenique (Did I tell you I love that name?) is a cute shop! It is stuffed with yarn and the ladies there were most helpful. We had a lot of fun looking at and squeezing all of the skeins of yarn. Jessica found some Rowan country yarn that she liked and a new kind of knitting needle neither one of us had ever used, Daisy by Crystal Palace. It is a lightweight plastic needle. Both of us knitted with it at home and liked it. It comes in cool colors too!

I did find my Mission Falls Cotton and they had lots & lots of colors! I think I saw nearly every one. I was looking for it cuz I want to knit this baby blanket that I saw on the internet and it was done in that yarn it stripes and they left all of the ends hanging off. Then they braided the ends together for fringe. I thought it was a great idea--although you couldn't let the baby just sleep with it cuz of the fringe. Too tempting to chew on! Anyhow, the colors they chose were sorta dullish and drab. I wanted to swap some of them out and make it a little more cheery. I looked at the yarn color card on the Mission Falls website, but you just never know when you are on a monitor. So I really wanted to see them in person and choose them all together. I hope it comes out okay. Jess approved of the color choices! Unfortunately, they didn't have the pattern book I needed, so I have ordered it and am waiting for it to arrive so I can get started. Yarns Ewenique gave us the cutest bag with our purchase! It has a sheep on it knitting!

Afterwards we went to the Apple store at Willowbend to pick up a computer game for Jess that she was just dieing to get! There were actually a couple and she did not call ahead! So after fighting the traffic to get from Fort Worth to Plano, they only had 1 of the 3! She kept insisting that they would for sure have all of them as they just came out. Well, they told her that a lot of the times that means that they get shipped that day. So we made up for it at Macy's and found some great sales. Plus she needed some khaki pants for volunteering at the hospital this summer. So it was nice to find a good deal on those.

(No pics since hubby has the camera with him...)


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