Friday, February 16, 2007

WOO HOO Goin' to State!

Yup! We're goin' to state! Michelle sure did it! We thought she had a shot in the 100 breaststroke, but she floored us all when she made it in the 50 freestyle too! Not bad for a freshman! And she is the first swimmer ever from her high school! So she has been in the papers and on the local TV station. They came out to the pool to tape her swimming and interview her the other day around 4 pm. But then it turns out that the disk in the camera had a scratch on it. They were able to save all the footage of her swimming but they lost all of the interview. So the reporter came to the house and redid the interview. She finished about 6 pm. The first time the spot aired was around 6:20 pm!

We're here in Austin and she's got her "tattoo" to get into the pool area. That's how they do the admission for swimmers now! It won't wash off--only comes off with alcohol. I'm nervous. Let's just hope she isn't!

Numerologists would have a heyday with her schedule! She is in events 7 & 21! Lucky numbers! And in her first event she is in heat 1 lane 1 and in her second event she is in heat 2 lane 2. And you'll never guess what room we're in at the hotel--221, of course!

Thanks to everyone for all of their good wishes. We have passed them all on. And will give her many hugs from all of you! Check the UIL website later today to see how she does!

Keep Cheering,

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