Saturday, January 06, 2007

What do Happy Blocks, Cowboys & a Tablerunner all have in common?

Hmmm.... I've been sewing them this week!

I joined up with a swap group on Block Central that is making "Happy Blocks"--8" finished blocks for swapping. (So they are 8.5" now.) The center is a 4" square of fabric surrounded by a 2" square of a different fabric. To make one you cut a 4.5" square of one fabric and a 2.5" strip of another fabric. Then crosscut the strip into 2-4.5" rectangles and 2-8.5" rectangles. Sew each 4.5" rectangle to the top and bottom of the square. Iron; then sew each of the 8.5" rectangles to the other two sides of the square. There you have it! Easy and quick--can't get much happier than that! I have now made 12 blocks! First I made 6 blocks of "anything."

Then I found out that they were supposed to be in a "Valentine's Theme." So I had to make 6 more! I made 2 each of 3 versions. But all is not lost as I can use the original 6 in the next months swap as that month's theme is "anything goes."

I also finished a "Cowboy Cuddle Quilt" for my little nephew Anthony. I will get it in the mail to him asap as it is a late Christmas present. I hope my brother and his wife send me a photo of him with his quilt! They live in the Chicago area. So I do not get to see them.

The tablerunner to the right is for my husband's sister-in-law. I was hoping to do it sooner, but that didn't work out. So I did it early January. I think it came out okay, but I had never turned corners on the binding that are obtuse before so I was not sure how to fold it. I also didn't do a traditional binding and hand-sewed it to the back either which I probably should have done cuz I was in a hurry and it would have helped the corners! The hands holding it up are my husbands! When I edited the photo with photoshop it looked silly with just his fingertips on the edges so I decided to redo it and leave his hands in! Now it's just funny with the disembodied look!

The coolest thing happened yesterday--we had purchased a table & chairs set for our kitchen from Haverty's about 6 months ago. My oldest daughter was doing crafts on the table--which she was NOT supposed to be doing, I might add--and she got a bunch of purple spots of permanent marker on the top of the oak table top! Needless to say we were not too happy about this. However, when we had purchased the table & chairs we also had purchased a leather recliner and being concerned about having a cat and leather together we bought Haverty's special protection package for all of the furniture. When I called them and told them about the ink they told me how to go about filling out the paperwork for a claim. It only took a few weeks and someone came out and looked at the table. They were going to try and clean the ink off. If they couldn't get it off they would replace the table! Well, THEY REMOVED THE INK without hurting the finish! I couldn't believe it! It looks brand new! I couldn't get them to show me the product they used either. (Being a chemist and all, I really wanted to look at that bottle!) They took before and after photos. Best money I ever spent on one of those deals!

I even was energized to clean out my refrigerator!

Happy sewing & cleaning,

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